Pinboards, or boards, as they are known in the Pinterest world, are the virtual bulletin boards you use to group the images that you find interesting or compelling. For example, some of my boards include: “Blogging and Social Media Tips,” “Pinterest is Great for Your Biz,” “Writers and Writing,” “Killer Marketing Advice,” “I Believe,” and “Amusing.” Most of the pins I collect every day go into one of these boards. I also have boards for entertaining, decorating, handy ideas, and travel.

Vacuum cleaner company Oreck (@oreck) maintains a board called “Clean Made Easy,” which spotlights smart ways to clean your home, including methods to wash your glass cooktop, living room baseboards, and gold jewelry. The tagline on Oreck’s website is also “Clean Made Easy”—making the naming of this board particularly clever and useful from a branding perspective.

Naming Your Boards

You will need to come up with a unique name for each board that you create. It’s likely that your instinct when you get started, like that of many Pinterest beginners, will be to create broadly-themed boards that allow you to pin lots of images under a single topic. However, I must issue a warning: Fight the urge to do this.

Yes, it seems like it would be an easy way to gather many different images in one place. However, you want your board topics and names to be as specific as possible. For example, I would advise a travel company against creating a board with the general name “Cruises” in favor of the much more ...

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