How to Pin

We’ve discussed how Pinterest allows users to create theme-based image collections called boards. Each of the images in your collections is called a pin, which is simply a piece of content that you have added to one of your boards. In most cases, each pin links back to a website that gives more information about that image.

There are three ways to pin an image to one of your boards:

1. Using the Pin It bookmarklet.
2. Copying and pasting a link to an image.
3. Uploading your own image.

Let’s look at each one in detail.

Method One: The Pin It Bookmarklet

By far the easiest way to pin an image is to use the Pin It bookmarklet, which will install a “Pin It” button to a toolbar in your browser.

If you haven’t already done so, install the Pin It bookmarklet by going to

Once you’ve installed the bookmarklet, you can pin an image from any web page. If you’re on a web page or blog post and want to pin an image from that page, click on your Pin It bookmarklet button. Pinterest will bring up a pop-up box that lets you choose which image or video you’d like to pin from that page, then ask you what board and description you want to use. (A description for each pin is required.) Pinterest will then automatically grab the link for the pin, so the pin will link to that page when it is added to your board.

Here’s a slick time-saving tip: The bookmarklet can quickly auto-fill a pin description for you, too. Before clicking the “Pin It” button in ...

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