Using Pinterest with Your Video Marketing Campaigns and YouTube Channel

We’ve already discussed the fact that YouTube videos are pinnable within Pinterest, and that it’s a great idea to pin your company’s tutorials, how-to’s, and behind-the-scenes videos to your Pinterest boards. If you’re a social-media-savvy business, you probably already have your own YouTube channel that you use to upload useful and interesting video content that really speaks to your ideal client.

It’s a great idea to create boards that feature your YouTube channel content in different ways. Consider creating a board for office videos, one for tutorials, another one for customer video tutorials, and so forth.

You can also pin any video that you think would be a good fit for your ideal clients, since videos make great selections for your content curation efforts as well. Refer back to Chapter 6, where we discussed good rules for content curation on Pinterest, to look for ideas about the kinds of videos you can pin.

You can ask a video professional how to add clickable links within your YouTube videos. When you do this, those links will be accessible when people play your video from Pinterest when it gets pinned by you or another Pinterest user, which may very well lead a good deal of traffic back to your site! Therefore, you want to be strategic about adding links to landing pages, great blog posts, or other content that’s closely connected to your business.

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