Use Pinterest to Build on Your Content Strategy

You’re probably already publishing a blog or other content-rich website for your business. These suggestions will help you integrate the work you’re doing on your regular site with your Pinterest efforts.

  • Integrate Pinterest boards with your blog. You can create boards that are focused around your blog post categories. This is a great way to highlight archived posts and curate new content on that subject as well.
  • Write reviews. Create pins reviewing products, apps, software, books, movies, websites, blogs, and other resources for your followers. This would be a great way to link to meaty blog posts that your followers will find really useful.
  • Utilize your video content. Yes, you can pin video content! It’s easiest to do on YouTube content—just use your Pin It! bookmarklet on any YouTube video page, and you can pin the main video from that board to any of your boards.

You can leverage any existing video content you’ve created and published (such as on your company’s YouTube channel). Here are some ideas for video content:

  • Customer testimonials.
  • Speaking engagements and workshops.
  • Industry events, meet-ups, conferences, and other gatherings.
  • Webinars and teleseminars.
  • Interviews with customers (ask them about their goals, about how they use your products or services, etc.).
  • Employee interviews—Put your customer service reps in front of the camera. These employees have direct insight into the frequently asked questions of your customers ...

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