Ten Quick and Easy Ways to Build Your Business Using the Pinterest App

1. View and Share Images and Videos Pinned by the People You Follow on Pinterest

When you tap on the “Following” option at the bottom of the Pinterest app, you’ll see the pins of the users you’re currently following, so you can view them one at a time. You can scroll down a long list of pins and look at each one in turn. And the iPhone’s clear graphics make the resolution of those pins excellent, allowing you to look at some very high-quality images.

You can repin, comment on, or socially share any of the pins of the people you’re following.

2. Quick and Easy Community Building

Tap the “Activity” icon to see who has “Liked” and repinned your pins so you can follow them back. Tap the person’s name to see the pin that user repinned or liked, then add your own comment to say thank you, ask a question, or get into a conversation with that person. You can also follow that person, which always helps build community, too.

3. Create Your Own Unique Pinterest Content

Snap your own pics from your Phone, and immediately upload them to your boards. When you tap on the camera icon at the bottom of the Pinterest app, you can take a photo and immediately upload it to your Pinterest account.

You can simply snap a picture, look at that photo’s preview and make any necessary adjustments to the color balance and contrast of the photo by tapping and dragging within the image. Then when you’re ready, just tap “Use.” Pinterest will ...

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