Pirates of the Digital Millennium: How the Intellectual Property Wars Damage Our Personal Freedoms, Our Jobs, and the World Economy

Book description

Digital piracy. It's a global war -- and it's just begun. Pirates of the Digital Millennium chronicles that war. All of it: media conglomerates vs. teenagers, tech companies vs. content providers, artists battling artists, nations vs. nations, law enforcement vs. organized crime. John Gantz and Jack Rochester cover every side and all the implications. Economics. Law. Ethics. Culture. The players. And above all, the realities -- including the exclusive new findings of a 57-country digital piracy research project. The media universe is shaking to its very foundations. This book helps you make sense of what's happening -- and what's next.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Praise For Pirates of the Digital Millennium
  3. Financial Times Prentice Hall
  4. Financial Times Prentice Hall Books
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Preface
  7. 1. Are You a Digital Pirate?
    1. Intellectual Property and the Concept of Copy Rights
    2. Copying and Virtue: A Short History
    3. I Sing the Copy Electric
    4. Recording, from A to V
    5. Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?
    6. Copying and Convenience
    7. The Empire Strikes Back
    8. Even Better Than the Real Thing?
    9. Meanwhile, Back on the PC
    10. The Digital Black Market
    11. Are You a Digital Pirate?
  8. 2. Is it Copyright or the Right to Copy?
    1. The First Known Copy Pirate
      1. A Prayer for Ireland, written by St. Columba
    2. The First Copyright
    3. The Scottish Pirates
    4. Copyright as Politics and Business
    5. 100 Years of American Piracy
    6. The Quintessential American Pirate
    7. The Idea of Copyrighting Ideas
    8. A Borrower Be: Understanding Fair Use
    9. The Expanding Universe
    10. Where are We Today?
  9. 3. Us Against Them?
    1. If We are Us, Who Is Them?
    2. What's a Little Rip, Mix, Burn Among Friends?
    3. Music Is the Soul…of Piracy
    4. A Pirate's Argument
    5. Which Camp are You in?
  10. 4. Inside the Corporate Intellect: A Day at Microsoft
    1. Why Microsoft?
    2. The Birth of Microsoft Office 2003
    3. Plan, Write Code, Test; Plan, Write Code, Test
    4. Knowing When to Quit
    5. Microsoft as Microcosm
    6. The Legal Beagles
    7. Fighting Spam
    8. The Tests of Time
    9. Getting Help from Watson
    10. Harnessing Genius
    11. Piracy's Long Shadow
  11. 5. Inside the Sausage: The Making of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
    1. Antecedents to the DMCA
    2. The Pieces Start to Fall into Place
    3. The DMCA Is Born
    4. The DMCA Dissected
    5. I Got 20 More Years, Babe
    6. What Hath the DMCA Wrought?
    7. The Bell Tolls, but for Whom?
    8. Desperately Seeking Libra
  12. 6. Global Fallout
    1. How Bad Is Piracy?
    2. The Hidden Costs of Software Piracy
    3. Are These Numbers Real?
    4. What Drives Piracy?
    5. Who Gets Hurt?
    6. An Economic Argument for Piracy
    7. Why Don't Governments Do Something?
    8. The Rule of Law
    9. The Global Push to Lower Piracy
    10. What's the Global Fallout?
  13. 7. Dude, Where's My MP3?
    1. The Dawn of MP3 Downloading
    2. How MP3s are Shared
    3. An Anatomy of Downloading
    4. The Darker Side of Downloading
    5. The Power of Youth
    6. The Techno-Elite
    7. View from the Street
    8. It's Not Just MP3s
    9. Student Economics
    10. Internet-Based Information Is Real Power
    11. Ethics from Without
    12. Are New Moral Ground Rules Needed?
  14. 8. Eliot Ness or Keystone Kops?
    1. A Music Industry Offensive
    2. Does Downloading Actually Hurt CD Sales?
    3. Where are the Cops When You Need Them?
    4. Chasing Buccaneers
    5. Chasing Buccaneers Abroad
    6. Chasing a Mirage
    7. Deputizing the Businessman
    8. Notice and Takedown
    9. The International Black Hole
    10. The Ongoing Arms Race
    11. An Uphill Push
  15. 9. Angel on My Shoulder: What's in It for Me?
    1. Technology or People: Who's Running the Show?
    2. Asking Tough Questions
    3. An Ethical Quandary
    4. What's in It for Governments?
    5. What's in It for Businesses?
    6. Facing Up to the Ethical Issue
    7. The Ethical Climate
  16. 10. Through the Fog: The Future of Intellectual Property
    1. Lesson One: We're Locked in a War No One Can Win
    2. Lesson Two: Copyright Laws Won't Go Away, Ever
    3. Lesson Three: Piracy Has Changed the Relationship Between Media Buyers and Sellers
    4. Lesson Four: It's About Capitalism, Stupid
    5. Lesson Five: Laws and Case Law Will See-Saw
    6. Lesson Six: Globalization Creates the Common Denominator
    7. Lesson Seven: Decriminalizing the Kids Should Be a Top Priority
    8. Lesson Eight: Give a Little to Get a Little
    9. Lesson Nine: Ethics are Important
    10. The Next Few Steps
    11. Possibilities from the Fringe
    12. What Should Happen?
  17. Afterword
    1. My Personal Journey: John
    2. My Personal Journey: Jack

Product information

  • Title: Pirates of the Digital Millennium: How the Intellectual Property Wars Damage Our Personal Freedoms, Our Jobs, and the World Economy
  • Author(s): John Gantz, Jack B. Rochester
  • Release date: September 2004
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780131463158