Art Acknowledgments

The book’s cover design was inspired by the illustration on the cover of the June 1937 issue of Fortune magazine, which was drawn by illustrator Antonio “Tony” Petruccelli (1907–1994).


Petruccelli was an accomplished, prolific, and highly acclaimed American illustrator. He designed 26 covers for Fortune, with his first illustration appearing in September 1933 and his last one published in 1945. Petruccelli also created for the magazine charts and diagrams, maps, illustrations, and caricatures. Interestingly, he designed the American Steel Industry commemorative stamp of 1957, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the US steel industry.

In 1993, while rummaging through a bin containing old magazine covers at a flea market, Paul S. froze when he saw the Fortune magazine cover and instantly fell in love with it. He purchased the cover for $30, had it framed, and has hung it on his wall ever since. When thinking about possible cover designs for the book, the image seemed like an obvious choice.

Getting permission to use the illustration was no easy task. Paul S. contacted the Morris Museum in New Jersey, which had held a recent exhibition of Petruccelli’s work. Through the museum’s curator, Paul finally got in touch with Petruccelli’s son Michael, and was granted permission. We thank Michael (and the entire Petruccelli family) for generously granting us ...

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