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Pitching Your IoT Project

Book Description

If you're a developer trying to get corporate buy-in for an IoT project, you need to understand that this pitch is much different than one for a typical new product or technology buy. Without fully realizing it, you may be asking for many things in one pitch: new approaches to interdepartmental communication, new ways to make management decisions based on the data your project will generate, new forms of customer interaction, and/or even major changes in staffing.

This report from veteran O’Reilly editor Andy Oram delivers practical advice for preparing a compelling IoT pitch to CxO-level execs. Not only will you need to demonstrate how your project will improve the product, the customer experience, or the manufacturing or delivery processes, you also should be aware of how these changes will affect your relationships with suppliers, customers, and even competitors. This report explores the challenges and provides strategies for a successful pitch.