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Pivot Points: Five Decisions Every Successful Leader Must Make

Book Description

A Roadmap for Transforming Ambition into Achievement

In the sea of thrown-together, stereotypical leadership advice, Julia Tang Peters' Pivot Points stands out like a beacon. This book is not the result of trite 10-step recipes or unstudied observations. Instead, its source is in-depth research conducted among some of the country's most effective leaders.

Intimate interviews and broad survey data reveal that the leaders who stand out are the ones who fearlessly face the decisions that characterize career turning points. Amazingly, the people who break through barriers to transform industries encounter—and effectively confront—the same five critical decisions. In Pivot Points, you'll read how five inspiring and approachable leaders made the choices that cemented their legacies.

Pivot Points is a unique opportunity to learn from the leaders you should learn from—authentic, independent-minded people with a genuine desire to help others understand how to lead. Tools developed from their candid accounts will help you measure and assess your own career trajectory. With a self-diagnostic questionnaire based on the book's unique framework, you'll be able to identify warning signs of stagnation and sustain the passion to achieve. Gain practical insights from this valuable aid for professional development of high achievers in every career stage.

Pivotal decisions can turn an ordinary career into an extraordinary journey to success. The journey is a highly individual one, and Pivot Points will inspire and guide you in the processes of finding your own path to exceptional results. Take a rare look into the process of shifting from the science of management to the art of leadership, and let this one-of-a-kind book propel you toward achieving your best self.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
    1. Chapter 1: From Ordinary Career to Leadership Journey
      1. Decision-Making Leaders, Leader-Making Decisions
      2. Are Five Pivotal Decisions the Experience of Just Leaders or Everyone?
      3. Pivotal Decisions Determine the Journey
      4. Five Characteristics of a Pivotal Decision
      5. The Art of Leading and the Science of Management
      6. The Leaders We Should Learn From
    2. Chapter 2: IDEA: Bud Frankel, Founder and Former Chairman of Frankel & Company
      1. Why You Should Know Him and About His Work
      2. What Matters to Bud Frankel
      3. Bud’s Pivotal Decisions
      4. The Leader’s Legacy
    3. Chapter 3: CHANGE: Glen Tullman, Managing Partner of 7wire Ventures; Former CEO of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
      1. Why You Should Know Him and About His Work
      2. What Matters to Glen Tullman
      3. Glen’s Pivotal Decisions
      4. The Leader’s Legacy
    4. Chapter 4: TEAM: John W. Rogers, Jr., Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Ariel Investments LLC
      1. Why You Should Know Him and About His Work
      2. What Matters to John Rogers
      3. John’s Pivotal Decisions
      4. The Leader’s Legacy
    5. Chapter 5: CULTURE: Al Golin, Founder and Chairman of GolinHarris
      1. Why You Should Know Him and About His Work
      2. What Matters to Al Golin
      3. Al’s Pivotal Decisions
      4. The Leader’s Legacy
    6. Chapter 6: PASSION: Dale Dawson, Founder and CEO of Bridge2Rwanda
      1. Why You Should Know Him and About His Work
      2. What Matters to Dale Dawson
      3. Dale’s Pivotal Decisions
      4. The Leader’s Legacy
    7. Chapter 7: Lessons from the Journeys of Five Leaders
      1. What Do Leaders Have in Common?
      2. Leaders Continually Create Their Jobs
    8. Chapter 8: Lessons from Survey Findings
      1. Do Pivot Points Occur in Most People’s Careers?
      2. How Do People Make Pivotal Decisions?
      3. To Lead Is to Create
    9. Chapter 9: Your Pivotal Five
      1. Connecting Your Dots: Your Pivotal Decisions
      2. Connecting Your Dots: Your Decision-Making Behavior
      3. Leader, Manager, Wanderer, and Clock Puncher
      4. Warning Signs
      5. Your Authentic Path
  3. About the Author
  4. Index
  5. End User License Agreement