Chapter 3 You are awesome!

Picture this: you're standing at the bottom of a snow-covered mountain. The sun is just coming over the peaks. There are shadows in the valleys and you're looking up. Down the mountain comes a snowboarder in a bright pink suit, blonde hair flying back behind her. She's going up one side and cutting big curves, coming down through the shadows and back up the other side. She's going flat out down this mountain being chased by someone else.

She comes flying down to the bottom where you are, spins the snowboard around, sprays a plume of snow up in the air, kicks off the board, lifts it above her head, and jumps up and down shouting ‘Yes, yes, yes!!!' You just stand there watching then walk over to her and ask, ‘How was that?' She replies, ‘Awesome, absolutely awesome. That was an awesome run!'

The way to change an average life into an awesome life is to create more awesome moments than average moments. We all have awesome moments, don't we? You know, when you've stepped up to the plate, you've done the right thing and you've done more than enough. You have got out there and feel really good. Your blood pumps, your skin tingles and you feel 10 foot tall and bulletproof. Don't you love those moments? Just like the girl in the story above, you feel the excitement and thrill of pushing the boundaries and challenging yourself, and the exhilaration of getting through it, achieving success.

We all have average moments too. Those moments when you want the ground ...

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