Chapter 6 You can do it

I have had some really amazing, awesome experiences in my life because I have been able to say ‘I can' where most people say ‘I can't'. I have been able to continue on when others give up; I have been able to get back up when I fall over; to keep going when others are worn out. I like to refer to this as determination, although there are people who describe me as stubborn. It doesn't really matter how you describe it, the reality is that I believe I can, and that makes a massive difference. You might be thinking, well, how do you get to that point of belief, Rowdy? How do you get to the point where you decide, ‘Yes I can', rather than ‘No I can't'?

You get there by answering two questions. The first is ‘Can I do it?' Could little old me possibly take on something like that? The second is ‘Will it be worth it?' Are the potential benefits of trying something new going to be great enough for the effort involved?

To answer the first question you need to consider two more: First, do I have the capability? No skills probably equals no chance unless you are prepared to go and learn those skills, practising until you have developed them. Second, do I have the confidence? Do I trust or believe in myself enough to give it a go?

No skills probably equals no chance.

An example of combining my capability and my confidence was my decision to run a marathon. I read somewhere that less than 1 per cent of the population have ever run a full marathon.

When I first read ...

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