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Plug In with onOne Software: A Photographer’s Guide to Vision and Creative Expression

Book Description

With her friendly tone and insightful knowledge, Nicole S. Young takes readers through all the products in the onOne Photo Suite, walking through each and showing readers how to use the tools to stretch their creativity and showcase their personal photographic style.

This beautifully illustrated guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on processing images from start to finish. Nicole will show readers how to use the following onOne tools to enhance their photos: Perfect Layers for a layered workflow without Photoshop: Perfect Portrait retouching; Perfect Mask for replacing backgrounds; Perfect Effects, Focal Point, and PhotoFrame for creative effects; and Perfect Resize for image enlargement.

This step-based guide will show readers how to use these seven products together seamlessly as integrated modules also support their workflow - however they work. Readers can use Perfect Photo Suite directly from Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture - or as a standalone application.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1. Getting Started
    1. Installation and Setup
    2. Preparing Your Files
    3. Tools, Groups, and Panes
    4. Opening an Image in the Perfect Photo Suite
    5. Saving Images
    6. Working with Presets
    7. Batch Processing
  9. Chapter 2. Perfect Layers
    1. The Perfect Layers Interface
    2. When to Use Perfect Layers
    3. Layers, Blending, and Masking
    4. Using Perfect Layers
    5. Doing a Head-Swap
    6. Exposure Blending with a Landscape Photograph
    7. Creative Compositing
  10. Chapter 3. Perfect Mask
    1. The Perfect Mask Interface
    2. When to Use Perfect Mask
    3. Using Perfect Mask
    4. Replacing a Sky
    5. Removing a White Background
    6. Working with Transparent Objects
  11. Chapter 4. Perfect Portrait
    1. The Perfect Portrait Interface
    2. When to Use Perfect Portrait
    3. Portrait Retouching
    4. Effects and Presets
    5. Cleaning Up Skin
  12. Chapter 5. Perfect Effects
    1. The Perfect Effects Interface
    2. When to Use Perfect Effects
    3. Applying Effects
    4. Working with Presets
    5. Masking Tools
    6. Enhancing the Color and Tone of an Image
    7. Stylizing a Landscape Image
    8. Enhancing a Portrait
  13. Chapter 6. Perfect B&W
    1. The Perfect B&W Interface
    2. When to Use Perfect B&W
    3. Converting to Black and White
    4. Brushes and Tools
    5. Saving Presets
    6. Creating a Black and White Film Look
    7. Creating a Black and White Landscape Image
    8. Converting a Portrait to Black and White
  14. Chapter 7. Focalpoint
    1. The FocalPoint Interface
    2. What Is Depth of Field?
    3. Using FocalPoint
    4. Portrait Blur with a Round Focus Bug
    5. The Tilt-Shift Look
    6. Advanced: Working with Selections from Photoshop
  15. Chapter 8. Perfect Resize
    1. The Perfect Resize Interface
    2. When to Use Perfect Resize
    3. Understanding Resolution
    4. Pixel Dimension and Document Size
    5. Presets and Cropping
    6. Settings
    7. Sharpening and Film Grain
    8. Gallery Wrap and Tiling
  16. Chapter 9. Perfect Integration
    1. Creating Blurry Backgrounds for Composites
    2. Replacing a Sky and Converting to Black and White
    3. Adding Texture and Grunge
    4. Batch Processing for Time-Lapse Photography
  17. Conclusion
  18. Index
  19. Ad Page
  20. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Common Shortcuts
    2. Perfect Layers
    3. Perfect Mask
    4. Perfect Portrait
    5. Perfect Effects
    6. Perfect B&W
    7. FocalPoint
    8. Perfect Resize