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Plugged In: The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work

Book Description

They make up nearly one-third of all Americans living today. Born after 1980, they're now pouring into the work world with values, aspirations, and approaches that differ markedly from their parents--and coworkers. They're Generation Y.

In Plugged In, Tamara Erickson shows Gen Y's how to use their own unique strengths to understand and influence their professional relationships, to figure out how they define "success," and to help them find their way in the changing workplace.

Filled with Erickson's extensive research into demographic trends and thoughtful insights, Plugged In gives Gen Y's the information they crave to connect with the working world and to craft the lives they want.

The author reveals:
· A framework Y's can use to develop their own criteria for making career choices
· The unique assets and strengths Y's bring to the workplace
· How X'ers and Boomers view Generation Y and how the different generations can collaborate more effectively at work
· 10 rules that can help Generation Y's succeed in the corporate world

With her trademark warmth and liveliness, Erickson provides a thoughtful, valuable guidebook for the latest newcomers on the corporate scene.

Table of Contents

  1. Praise from executives who know, live, and work with Gen Y’s:
  2. Also by Tamara Erickson
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. acknowledgments
  8. introduction
  9. part one - who are you, and what does that mean for your career?
    1. 1. the outlines of your generation
      1. your numbers
      2. racial and ethnic patterns
      3. life expectancy
      4. education
    2. 2. the events and trends that have shaped you
      1. global events
      2. ubiquitous technology
      3. cultural trends that have shaped you
    3. 3. shared views and common choices
      1. your sense of self
      2. life and career expectations
  10. part two - what work is right for you?
    1. 4. find your passion
      1. siamak’s story: a passionate gen y
      2. plug in: get engaged with work you love
      3. your personal life lures
    2. 5. identify your preferences
      1. out of the starting gate
      2. moving down the path toward your ideal job
    3. 6 . target your place
      1. corporations large and small: evolving into next-generation enterprises
      2. entrepreneurial and start-up options: facing better odds
      3. professional services: rethinking the one-size-fits-all career model
      4. education: challenging itself to meet twenty-first-century needs
      5. nonprofits and social entrepreneurship: doing good—well
      6. the trades and other middle-skill jobs: not going away
    4. 7. align the practical realities
      1. dan’s story: practical expression of life’s passion
      2. the practical reality: your carillon curves
      3. allison’s story: practical trade-offs to meet multiple priorities
      4. the process of discovery
    5. 8. find the perfect job
      1. location, location, location: choosing where you live
      2. finding the right company
      3. choosing your colleagues
      4. assignments: the nature of the work
      5. the bottom line
    6. 9. leverage your advantages
      1. a tightening labor market
      2. the ability to take (some) risk
      3. a distinct point of view
  11. part three - you got the job—now what?
    1. 10. make a multigenerational workforce work for you
      1. traditionalists
      2. boomers
      3. generation x
      4. when you’re the boss
    2. 11. business basics—communication and the language of business
      1. don’t expect mind readers: communicate openly
      2. reason, reason is my middle name: logic
    3. 12. business finesse—soft skills for tangible results
      1. think positively: the power of optimism and confidence
      2. why not do it yourself? the excitement of initiative
      3. make the most of it: the ability to turn learning into luck
      4. it has to work for the other guy: the benefits of pragmatism
      5. walk fast, carry a stack of papers, and drink coffee: the importance of being perceived as purposeful
      6. clear the air and move on: the satisfaction of direct discussions—and letting go
      7. do the hula: the role of grace under pressure
      8. keep three months’ salary in the bank: the freedom to walk away
  12. conclusion
  13. notes
  14. index
  15. about the author