Model Question Paper–4

  • This Practice test is based on the actual syllabus for Agile certification examination
  • Please set yourself a time of 3 hours
  • Mark your answer on the template sheet provided at the end
  • Strictly stop the test when the clock hits 3 hours
  • The correct answers are provided at the end of this question set
  • Give one mark for each correct answer
  • There is no negative marking for wrong answers
  • Practice this test multiple times for better results
  • All the very Best!


Question 1. An Agile coach has gathered the team together who will be working in next 10 iterations. The most important value that the Agile coach will depend on for the team to thrive is:

  1. Trust
  2. Sitting together
  3. Real customer involvement
  4. Ubiquitous language

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