PMP Exam Cram™ 2

Book description

PMP Exam Cram 2 offers concise information mixed with real-world scenarios delivered in an approachable, friendly style. This book is the perfect complement to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). This Exam Cram 2 will help you make sure you've nailed important concepts and know exactly what the exam will cover. It offers study tips, practice exams, and the famous Cram Sheet for last minute review.

The CD includes PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition, which offers a complete PrepLogic Practice Test, a test engine with two study modes, Practice Test and Flash Review, full exam customization, and a detailed score report.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. The PMP Cram Sheet
  3. A Note from Series Editor Ed Tittel
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  5. About the Lead Authors
  6. About the Contributing Authors
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. The Project Management Institute (PMI)
    2. The PMP Certification Process
    3. About This Book
  9. PMP Exam Self-Assessment
    1. Education and Experience Requirements
    2. The Application Process
    3. Exam Fees
    4. Cancellations/Rescheduling and No Shows
    5. Extensions
    6. Refunds
    7. PMI Audit Process
    8. Pre-Test
  10. The PMP Exam
    1. What Is the PMP Exam Like?
    2. What Is PMI?
    3. Study and Exam-taking Strategies
    4. Tips for the IT Professional
  11. Project Management Framework
    1. The Project Management Framework
    2. What a Project Is and How It's Different from a Program
    3. What Is Project Management?
    4. The Project Management Knowledge Areas and Processes
    5. The Differences Between Core Processes and Facilitating Processes
    6. The Impact of Project Management on Other Forms of Management
    7. The Project Management Context
    8. Functional, Matrix, and Projectized Organizations
    9. General Management Skills
    10. Influence of the Organization
    11. Socioeconomic and Environmental Influences
    12. Project Management Triple Constraint
    13. Process Groups
    14. The Relationship Between Project Lifecycle and Project Management Processes
    15. Customizing Process Interactions
    16. Exam Prep Questions
    17. Need to Know More?
  12. Project Initiation
    1. The Importance of Project Initiation
    2. The Purpose of the Project Charter
    3. The Timing and Importance of the Project Manager Assignment
    4. The Value of Project-Selection Methods
    5. Using Expert Judgment for Project Initiation
    6. Management by Objectives
    7. The Relationship to Planning Activities
    8. Project Selection Accounting Concepts
    9. Exam Prep Questions
    10. Need to Know More?
  13. Project Planning—Core Processes
    1. Core Planning Process
    2. Key Analysis of the Core Planning Process
    3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): You Shall Manage No Project Without It
    4. The Process of Building a Project Schedule
    5. Key Cost Estimating Factors
    6. The Role of Risk Management in the Core Planning Process
    7. Exam Prep Questions
    8. Need to Know More?
  14. Project Planning—Facilitating Processes
    1. The Differences Between the Core and Facilitating Planning Processes
    2. The Impact of the Facilitating Processes on the Core Processes
    3. The Relationships Among Quality, Risk and Procurement, and HR Management
    4. The Differences Between Risk Management Planning and Risk Response Planning
    5. The Differences Among Resource Planning, Organizational Planning, and Communications Planning
    6. The Purpose and Key Elements of Each Supplemental Project Plan
    7. Key Factors for Communications Planning
    8. HR Responsibilities of the Project Manager
    9. Quality Management Principles and the PMI Philosophy
    10. Risk Management Principles and the PMI Philosophy
    11. Procurement Management Principles and the PMI Philosophy
    12. Exam Prep Questions
    13. Need to Know More?
  15. Project Management Executing Processes
    1. Project Plan Execution
    2. Quality Assurance
    3. Team Development
    4. Information Distribution
    5. Project Procurement Management
    6. Source Selection
    7. Contract Administration
    8. Exam Prep Questions
    9. Need to Know More?
  16. Project Control
    1. Project Control Defined
    2. Factors That Cause Change
    3. The Purpose of Performance Reporting
    4. Approving Change in Projects
    5. Feedback Loop
    6. Providing Corrective Action
    7. Scope Control and the WBS
    8. Using Earned Value Management
    9. Quality Control
    10. Tracking Risks: Risk Monitoring and Risk Control
    11. Exam Prep Questions
    12. Need to Know More?
  17. Project Closing
    1. Closing Process Steps
    2. Contract Closeout
    3. The Criteria for Project Closure
    4. Methods for Ending a Contract or a Project
    5. Exam Prep Questions
    6. Need to Know More?
  18. Professional Responsibility
    1. Professional Responsibility and the Code of Professional Conduct
    2. Conflict of Interest
    3. Responsibilities to the Profession
    4. Responsibilities to Customers and the Public
    5. Acting in a Professional Manner
    6. Knowledge of the Project and Processes
    7. Cultural Differences in a Global Economy
    8. Exam Prep Questions
    9. Need to Know More?
  19. Practice Exam 1
  20. Answers to Practice Exam 1
  21. Practice Exam 2
  22. Answers to Practice Exam 2
  23. What's on the CD-ROM
    1. PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition
  24. Using the PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition Software
    1. Exam Simulation
    2. Question Quality
    3. Interface Design
    4. Effective Learning Environment
    5. Software Requirements
    6. Installing PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition
    7. Using PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition
    8. Getting More Exams
    9. Customer Service
  25. Glossary
  26. Index

Product information

  • Title: PMP Exam Cram™ 2
  • Author(s): David Francis, Greg Horine
  • Release date: October 2003
  • Publisher(s): Pearson IT Certification
  • ISBN: 9780789730374