Off Colour?
Business healthcheck
Products Attractive Functional Reliable
Logistics Fast Flexible Efficient
Technology Responsive Enabling Robust
Innovation Products Services Markets
Accounts Accurate Helpful Timely
Customers Loves Hates Wants
Service Simple Friendly Trusted
Communication Staff Customers Partners
People Trained Focused Motivated
Ethics People Environment Community
Solid and reliable but
vulnerable to faster,
friendlier brands
Fast-moving and sales-
focused but unlikely to
sustain sucesss
People-focused but not
enough technical and
process innovation
Shortcuts to innovation
n Import good ideas to your business
n Export your good ideas to other markets
n Redesign things to look or feel better
n Make it disposable or longer lasting
n Make it more exclusive or cheap and cheerful
n Cut out the middleman and do it direct
n Become the middleman and add value
n Make a small thing bigger or a big thing smaller
n Make a diffi cult thing easier
n Start with a new brand and a new story

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