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Podcast Academy: The Business Podcasting Book

Book Description

Exclusive Podcast Academy training now available in a book!

Podcast Academy, the leader in audio/video podcast and new media education, brings you their first book, Podcast Academy: The Business Podcasting Book, based on their seminars. Written by industry experts, this book brings you practical experience that you can apply to your own business. It covers planning, content creation, legal considerations, branding, marketing, advertising, monetization, and much more. The authors and contributors have been behind many of the earliest corporate podcasts and share their knowledge, success, and real-world experience with you.

Podcasting is changing the way organizations are communicating with their customers, prospects and the media. It is an essential new medium for any company looking to extend their communications outreach, and expand their brand awareness. This applies for companies, organizations, charities, schools and groups that range in size from small to Fortune 500 enterprises. If you are thinking about podcasting as a medium for your organization, The Business Podcasting Book will give you a solid understanding of how to create your own company's voice, measure your efforts and maximize your opportunity. Implement your podcasting strategy now!

Table of Contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. About the Authors
  8. Introduction
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Section 1: Podcasting Overview: Understanding the Medium and Its Impact on Business
    1. 1 The Podcasting Revolution
      1. A Brief History
        1. The Evolution of Podcasting
        2. The Emergence of Web 2.0
      2. Why Podcasting Matters to Your Organization
      3. Why Start Now?
        1. Build Your Reputation as a Market Leader
        2. Build the Future of the Medium
        3. Build a Relationship with Your Customers
        4. Build a Library of Content
      4. The Growth and Validation of Podcasting
      5. Embracing the Shift
      6. From Theory to Practice
      7. Lessons Learned
    2. 2 Leveraging the Shift to Social Media
      1. Social Media and the Changing Consumer-Business Relationship
      2. Embracing Social Media
        1. Understanding the Role of Social Media in Corporate Communications
        2. Extending the Blogosphere: More than Words
      3. Podcasting in the Social Media Landscape
        1. The Impact of the Consumer Podcast
        2. Responding to Consumer Demands
      4. Lessons Learned
    3. 3 The Emergence of Corporate Podcasting
      1. Podcasting: More Than a Fad
      2. Branching Out by Reaching Out
        1. Internal Communications
          1. Case Study: Southwest Airlines
        2. Branding, Marketing, and Advertising
          1. Case Study: Wine Library
        3. Education and Outreach
          1. Case Study: Ortho-McNeil
        4. Public Relations
        5. Business to Business and Business to Consumer
      3. Lessons Learned
  11. Section 2: Podcasting Fundamentals: Planning and Development
    1. 4 Internal Considerations for Podcasting
      1. The Role of the Internal Champion
        1. Case Study: Verizon Wireless
        2. Overcome Resistance to New Media
        3. Advocate for Gradual Change
        4. Encourage Collaboration, Not Specialization
        5. Determine Whether to Produce Internally or Externally
      2. Developing Your Team
        1. The Core Team
        2. Internal Team vs. External Team
      3. Developing Your Goals and Objectives
        1. Defining Your Market Perception
        2. Who’s Listening? Determining Your Audience
        3. Case Study: Whole Foods Market
        4. What’s the Point? The Objective of Your Podcasting Initiative
      4. Measuring Success
        1. Setting Realistic Goals and Measurements
        2. Define Success
        3. Case Study: Financial Aid Podcast
        4. Different Organizations, Different ROI
      5. Lessons Learned
    2. 5 Planning Your Podcast
      1. Defining the Voice of Your Company or Organization
        1. Consistently Connect with Your Audience in a Genuine Way
        2. Make More Informed Decisions About What Kind of Podcast You Want and What Topics You Want to Cover
        3. Steps to Defining Your Voice
        4. Who Is Representing Your Company on the Podcast?
      2. The Format of Your Show
        1. Various Types of Podcast Formats
        2. Building a Podcast in Segments
        3. Podcast Length
      3. Podcast Production Decisions
        1. How Often Should You Publish?
        2. Recording in Advance: Getting Ahead of Schedule
      4. Avoiding Pitfalls
        1. Emphasizing Quantity Over Quality
        2. Creating an Infomercial Podcast
        3. Publishing Too Often
        4. Not Valuing Production Quality
      5. Lessons Learned
    3. 6 Pre-production Decisions
      1. Production Decisions
        1. Outsourcing Your Podcast Production
        2. In-House Production
        3. Hybrid Production
      2. Choosing Professional Services
        1. Sorting the Good from the Bad
        2. What to Expect
      3. Setting a Budget
        1. Outsource Budget Considerations
        2. In-House Budget Considerations
      4. Lessons Learned
  12. Section 3: Producing the Podcast: Production, Delivery and Legal Issues
    1. 7 Podcast Production
      1. Production Decisions
      2. Recording Hardware
        1. Do Microphones Matter?
        2. Recording Hardware
        3. Podcasting Rigs
        4. Where to Buy Hardware
      3. Recording Software
        1. A Quick Look at Audacity
        2. A Quick Look at Sony Sound Forge
        3. A Quick Look at BIAS Peak Pro
      4. The Recording Process
        1. What Is Proper Microphone Technique?
        2. Recording Your Format
      5. Editing
        1. Too Much of a Good Thing
        2. How Long Should it Take to Edit?
        3. Example Editing Tasks
        4. Sweeten Your Audio with The Levelator™
        5. The Final File
      6. Metadata
        1. Different Types of Metadata
        2. The Business Reasons for Good Metadata
      7. Lessons Learned
    2. 8 Preparing to Publish Your Podcast
      1. Show Notes
        1. Serving Your Current Listeners
        2. Search Engine Optimization to Gain New Listeners
        3. How to Create Effective Show Notes
        4. Show Notes Example—TwiT Podcast
      2. Tuning Your Web Site for Your Podcast
        1. Web Site or Blog?
        2. Host Your Own
        3. Use a Hosted Service
      3. Hosting and Content Delivery Networks
        1. Choosing a Web Host
        2. Content Delivery Networks
        3. Podcast Hosting Services
      4. Lessons Learned
    3. 9 Legal Issues
      1. The Care and Feeding of the Legal Department
      2. Clearing Copyrights for Images, Text, and Sounds Appearing in a Podcast
        1. Copyright Basics
        2. The Most Common Instances When Permission Is Not Needed
        3. How to Get Permission When Legally Required
        4. Publicity Rights
        5. Clearing Trademark Rights
      3. Protecting the Podcast from Being Infringed
        1. Copyright Considerations
        2. Trademark Considerations
      4. Defamation and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
        1. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
      5. General Internet Business Issues
        1. Web Site TOS
        2. Privacy Considerations
        3. DMCA Policies
      6. Lessons Learned
    4. 10 RSS: The Plumbing Behind the Medium
      1. History of RSS and Syndication
        1. Early Syndication Formats
        2. The Birth of RSS
        3. The RSS Payload
        4. RSS Today
      2. RSS for the Masses
        1. A Friendlier, More Universal RSS
      3. How Content Syndication Through RSS Works
        1. The Four Steps of RSS Syndication
      4. Publishing Your Podcast Feed
        1. Basic Contents of a Podcast Feed
        2. Making Your Feed Compatible with the iTunes Store Podcast Directory
        3. Using FeedBurner
        4. Validating Your Feed
      5. Lessons Learned
  13. Section 4: Podcast Distribution: Marketing, Measuring, and Monetizing
    1. 11 Getting Your Podcast Out There
      1. Creating Awareness of Your Podcast
        1. Your Organization’s Web Site
        2. Podcast Directories
        3. Getting the Word Out
        4. Participating in the Blogosphere
      2. Optimizing Your Podcast for Search Engines
        1. Optimizing Your Natural Search Ranking
        2. Incorporating Show Notes
      3. Searching by Content: The Next Generation of Media Searching
      4. Lessons Learned
    2. 12 Online Marketing Tactics that Generate Results
      1. Proven Online Marketing Mediums
        1. Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click
        2. Email Marketing
        3. Online Display Advertising
      2. Additional Tools and Tactics to Keep People Coming Back
        1. Creating Evergreen Content
        2. Make Your Own Headlines
        3. Podcast Album Art
      3. Lessons Learned
    3. 13 Building Community and Interactivity
      1. Beyond Written Comments
        1. Audio Comments
        2. Voicemail
        3. Thoughts on Comments
      2. Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, and Community Development
        1. Launch a Wiki
        2. Social Networks
        3. Online Forums
      3. If You Build It … You Need a Strategy
      4. Lessons Learned
    4. 14 Show Me the Metrics
      1. The Current State of Podcasting Metrics
        1. Governing Firms
        2. Podcasting Metrics Today
      2. Measuring Success and Effectiveness
      3. Defining ROI for Your Organization
      4. Industry Initiatives for Defining Standardized Measurement
        1. Podcasting Open Metrics Initiative
      5. Lessons Learned
    5. 15 Making Money with Your Podcast
      1. Thinking Differently About Your Podcast
      2. Every Company is Now A Media Company
        1. Entertain
        2. Engage
        3. Educate
        4. Easy to Consume
        5. Encourage Action
      3. Direct Revenue Streams from Your Podcast
        1. Ad Networks
        2. Podcast Ad Networks
        3. Blubrry: www.Blubrry.com
        4. Kiptronic: www.Kiptronic.com
        5. Podango: www.Podango.com
        6. Podtrac: www.Podtrac.com
        7. RadioTail: www.RadioTail.com
        8. Selling Your Own Sponsorships and Advertising
      4. Helping Your Advertiser Track ROI
        1. What Ads Return the Best Results?
        2. Offer as Much Exposure as Possible
        3. Proactively Share Information with the Advertiser
      5. Direct Sales
        1. Affiliate Programs
        2. Free vs. Premium vs. Subscription Podcasts
        3. Sell via a Third-Party Aggregator
        4. “Best of” CD/DVD/Download Sales
        5. Special Episodes
        6. Paid Syndication on Other Web sites
        7. Selling Your Podcast
      6. Indirect Revenue Streams from Your Podcast
        1. The Value of Recognition as an Expert
        2. Encouraging the Community of Listeners: Future Business
        3. Writing White Papers
        4. Producing Podcasts for Others
        5. Advertising in Other Podcasts
      7. Remember: A Podcast is an Asset, Not an Expense
      8. Lessons Learned
    6. 16 Putting It All Together
      1. What Podcasting Is Capable of Today
        1. Marketing
        2. Public Relations
        3. Advertising
        4. Training
      2. The Changing Social Media Landscape
      3. Now Is the Time
      4. The Next Step
  14. Index