Chapter 18. Top Ten Types of Podcasts to Check Out

Ah yes, narrowing down the thousands and thousands of podcasts out there to an elite ten: the Top Ten Podcasts You Should Be Listing To. The Best of the Best. In the podosphere, these higher planes are commonly referred to as The Pod Squad, Podcast Pickle's Favorites, and Podcast Alley Top Ten List.

Where to begin? Where to begin? We sat down and put together our own top ten lists of podcasts. What we found was that one of us swore by some podcasts the others had never heard of, and vice versa. We started wondering, "How are we going to narrow down this list and eventually get it to ten?" Then we took a closer look at our lists and realized "Hey, we've got a pattern going on here!" Amongst us, we had a solid cross-section of types of podcasts, not just in the way of genres but in production values. So with a quick edit of the outline and a change of mindset, we present the Top Ten Types of Podcasts to Check Out.

There are other kinds of podcasts that are, perhaps, not showcased here, but with these ten kinds of podcasts as a starting point, you can easily begin to fill playlists and media player space. When you're comfortable with what you hear, you can then follow the Favorite Podcasts links that your podcast's companion blog offers. From this list given here, you can sample a wide cross-section of audio content. Relax, download, and give your eyes and ears a treat.


Always check your favorite podcasting directory to see how active ...

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