Chapter 20. Top Ten Reasons Why Podcasting Won't Kill Radio

Do you remember when you tuned in to MTV and actually saw music videos? Good times, good times. If you ever want to throw out some fun trivia, ask, "What was the first video to ever play on MTV and what group performed in it?" The answer is the video for the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles.

As goofy, chintzy, and utterly new wave as that song is, there was a bit of a panic when MTV went on the air. Radio stations suddenly had to compete with television over rock stars! Listeners were listening to music on their TVs! What will become of the music industry as we know it?!

Well, radio is still here. MTV now shows a variety of programming, and very little of it includes music videos. Radio — much to the contrary of what bean counters and consultants convince program directors — has survived MTV, Napster, Internet radio, and Howard Stern's jump to satellite radio.

Now comes podcasting, and what many in the broadcasting industry dismissed as the next wave of Internet radio. Even though podcasting is a new medium that's easily disregarded, the radio industry is taking notice. Although it would be neat to think that podcasting is the people's radio and will bring about the downfall of the radio, the radio industry won't be closing its doors. No, the corporate radio business will continue to stand strong and still smell as pretty as a red rose in full bloom.

The Undiscovered Country: Podcasting Awareness

Podcasting ...

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