Podcasting for Trainers and Educators

Book description


By Nandini Shastry and David Gillespie

In many ways, trainers, educators, professors, teachers, instructors, SMEs or course developers — whatever your title may be, if you are responsible for any knowledge transfer process — you are the people leading the way for corporations and educational institutions to forge into the new century. By learning about new technologies and learning and adapting them to our workplaces and our personal lives, we change the mindset, not to mention the productivity of the lives of those around us.

At one time, it was the IT Department who were considered “First Tier Adopters” when it came to technology. Now, educators of all types have stepped into this role as well — we must learn it before we can teach it. It is our belief that podcasting is the next wave of technology that corporations and educational institutions can immediately use to solve a host of training and business problems. This book aims to show you, the educator — whatever your title may be, how.

You’ll learn

·         what podcasting is

·         how to use it

·         what tools you’ll need (free or inexpensive tools as well)

·         how to leverage podcasts in your own place of work

·         and much more in easy to understand, non-technical terms

You’ll also find in this book

·         simulation tutorials and demos

·         free resources

·         free templates

·         sample communications for buy-in at your place of work

·         video testimonials from existing trainers, teachers and professors

Dave and I have been involved in the areas of teaching, training and knowledge management for many years. Dave has taught at the university level and both of us have much experience with instructor led training, e-learning and a wide variety of tools from Macromedia Breeze and Captivate to Microsoft SharePoint and Live Meeting. We are excited about the possibilities that podcasting brings and we invite you to join us in exploring this new technology.

You can reach Dave or me at technologyfortrainers@yahoo.com  at any time and we will be happy to talk with you in person. You’ll find hyperlinks in this e-book to all type of resources and examples all over the Net.

Product information

  • Title: Podcasting for Trainers and Educators
  • Author(s): Nandini Shastry, David P. Gillespie
  • Release date: September 2007
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132320405