Utilizing the Exchange-Traded Fund Market

images Timing Is Everything

It is said that timing is everything. In my life I certainly have found this to be true. I remember my early Navy days and how just four short months changed my life. I joined the Navy with the express purpose of entering underwater demolition (UDT) and then move on to SEAL training. When I graduated from Boot Camp, I was told I had to first go to my duty station, Naval Air Squadron VP31, and then apply for Underwater Demolition Team. I did so and was accepted. Fortunately for me, I was stationed just down the road from the UDT training school while I waited for the next class to start. Since I was a Red Cross water safety instructor, the squadron personnel department placed me in Air-Crew Training. They had been waiting for a water safety instructor to come through for months. I was immediately placed in the deep sea survival instructors group. My duties were to teach pilots who were heading to Vietnam how to survive in the ocean if they had to abandon their plane.

As an enlisted man, the position as a deep sea survival instructor was as good as it could get. So, when my underwater demolition class was about to begin, I decided to postpone the class for the second half of my enlistment if the squadron would allow me to stay in my survival instructor position. The squadron was perfectly happy to have me stay ...

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