Chapter 9. Make Calc Spreadsheets Dance for You

By Lalaine “Lizza” Capucion

“Advanced” doesn’t necessarily mean “complicated.” With a little practice, OOo Calc’s advanced features will help you make elegant spreadsheets for almost any home or office need.

Creating “Natural-Language” Formulas

OOo Calc can compute any formula as long as the syntax is right. With Microsoft Excel, you have to know the coordinates of the values you want to compute. But OOo Calc has a “natural language,” meaning you can create formulas using column and/or row labels.

Using the file Sales.ods, you will make a “natural-language” formula.

Our original formula in cell E4 was =D4*0.3. Instead of using that formula, let’s change the coordinate D4 to the word Sales, because we ...

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