ip link—Network Device Configuration

A link refers to a network device. The ip link object and the corresponding command set allow you to view and manipulate the state of network devices. There are just two commands for the link object: set and show.

The full help syntax which you may want to refer back to for ip link is as follows:

Usage: ip link set DEVICE {  up | down | arp {  on | off }  |
                             dynamic {  on | off }  |
                             multicast {  on | off }  | txqueuelen PACKETS |
                             name NEWNAME |
                             address LLADDR | broadcast LLADDR |
                             mtu MTU }
       ip link show [ DEVICE ]

ip link set—Change Device Attributes

This command allows you to change device attributes.

Abbreviations: set, s


You can request multiple parameter changes with ip link. If you request multiple parameter ...

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