helping the disable people, social causes such as widow remarriages, dowryless marriages and women
empowerment programmes. In addition, the group undertakes sponsorship of the arts and Indian culture,
which are need based. The Birla Academy of Art and Culture set up in 1962 in Kolkata treasures artworks and
exquisite exhibits and has evolved into one of India’s premier institutions for art and culture.
22.5.7 INFOSYS
Formed in 1981 by N.R. Narayana Murthy, Infosys follows a socially responsible and sustainable path in
conducting business. Even during the boom time of the 1990s when the stock prices of IT companies were
skyrocketing, the company believed in sharing the wealth with the society and its employees. This practice of
the company stems from the personal belief of Narayana Murthy to give back to the society more than what
it gave him. It also substantiates the role and motivation of the CEO and the top management in making the
company a responsible corporation.
Murthy is of the belief that corporations have to show fairness in dealing with employees to retain them;
corporations should ensure transparent disclosures to investors to attract global capital; ensure customer
satisfaction to win conf dence and fair dealings with their supply chains; and should be ethical to government
by paying all taxes. Infosys has won many awards such as Best Employers to Work for in India, Golden
Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance in the Global Category by the World Council for
Corporate Governance, London and Corporateship Award by the Economic Times .
A strong sense of social responsibility is foremost among the core values of Infosys that translates into a
commitment to help people and communities, enhance living conditions and improve education. The social
consciousness is included in the strategic plan of the company and serves as a guideline for the management
to help in decision making. The Infosys Foundation was formed to focus on health care, primary education,
social rehabilitation and rural upliftment and promote art and culture. The Foundation began its activities in
Karnataka in 1996. Today, the activities have extended to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa
and Punjab. According to a recent report, Infosys spends about 50 million rupees.
Coca-Cola’s has achieved a goal of being a ‘net-zero’ water company, a term used to describe that at
minimum, they are putting back into the ground as much water as they are taking out.
ACC Cement Ltd. partnered with both Christian Medical College and the National AIDS Control
Organisation (NACO) to create the world’s f rst Corporate Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) Centre in
Vellore, Tamil Nadu, providing testing, counselling and treatment services. Further, more than 95% of the
patients who use the centre are not ACC employees, but members of the surrounding community.
Ashoka has supported 2000 leading social entrepreneurs in 70 countries across the globe to work in
the social arena to solve society’s problems. They are now connecting corporations to social entrepreneurs/
enterprises and have established a global network of business and social leaders to share best practices.
In developing countries, in particular, CSR initiatives are often identif ed with long-term national development
priorities and def ned by current capacity gaps. In this context, it is usual for a national CSR agenda to include
a focus on solutions for social problems that in developed countries would be the clear responsibility of
government. Each national CSR agenda is likely to have certain themes specif c to it, such as the South
African focus on black economic empowerment and aff rmative action, and the Indian concern for disaster-
affected communities. Similarly, worker conditions, environmental aspects, community issues and social
development are more f rmly established in the Chilean CSR discourse than human rights, bribery, corruption
and anti-competitive practices.

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