Table 8.57

Economic Analysis of Recycled Aggregate, $/t

ItemUnit CostAmount used in 1 t of Recycled AggregateCost of 1 t of Recycled Aggregate, $/t
Power consumption$0.074/kW·h7.3 kW·h/t0.55
Labor cost$2.48/person·h0.21 person·h/t0.52
Administrative expense//0.30
Depreciation allowances of equipment//0.75
Production cost//2.12
Sale price//$3.00/t


Table 8.58

Parameters of Recycled Coarse and Fine Aggregate Processing Line and economic Analysis

Annual OutputTotal PowerProduction CapacityAnnual Output ValueProduction CostMarketing Cost (10% of Output Value)Profit
987,000 t873.4 kW210 t/h$2.95 M$2.10 M$0.29 M$0.56 M
It is indicated by some researchers that the ...

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