PopUp Republic

Book description

Find out how to get in on the booming pop-up scene

PopUp Republic: How to Start Your Own Successful Pop-Up Space, Shop, or Restaurant is your comprehensive guide to the new world of pop-ups. This fresh text dives into the details of the pop-up industry, offering you a first-hand glimpse at pop-up success through stories, examples, anecdotes, and case studies. Additionally, if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and want to embark on your own pop-up journey, this forward-thinking resource features a guide to launching your own pop-up. Based upon a wealth of experience and knowledge, this book shines a spotlight on the differences between the pop-up industry in the United States and Europe, discusses the tools you need to create a successful pop-up, defines what, exactly, a pop-up is, the costs and benefits of the pop-up business model, the permits, insurance, and licenses that are needed to run a pop-up, and more.

A $50-billion industry, pop-ups have become key features of the business landscape in cities around the world. From retail shops to restaurants, a wide range of customer-facing enterprises are embracing the pop-up trend.

  • Follow the launch and operation of a successful pop-up, and learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs
  • Analyze case studies that shed light on the successes and challenges that pop-ups have faced
  • Leverage expert guidance in building your own pop-up business model
  • Identify how the pop-up industry is changing retail, dining, and entertainment industries on a global level

PopUp Republic: How to Start Your Own Successful Pop-Up Space, Shop, or Restaurant takes a close look at the emerging pop-up industry—and at the ways in which this industry is disrupting traditional business models to make room for innovative entrepreneurs.

Table of contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  4. The Pop-Up Industry
    1. What Is a Pop-Up?
    2. The Makings of PopUp Republic
    3. Pop-Ups: The State of the Nation
    4. Pop-Ups: The State of the World
    5. The Size of the Pop-Up Industry in the United States
    6. The Case for Pop-Up Urbanism as a Tool to Vitalize Local Economies
    7. Interview with Florence Hardy, an Urban Economic Development Professional about Pop-Ups
  5. Becoming a “Popupreneur”
    1. Are You a Good Candidate to Host a Pop-Up?
    2. A Day in the Life of a Popupreneur
    3. Choosing a Concept
    4. Creating a Concept vs. Creating a Concept That Sells
    5. What to Expect
    6. How to Manage It All
    7. The Day-to-Day
    8. What Is Success?
    9. Customers
  6. The Execution
    1. Pop-Up Shops
    2. Interview with Greg Spielberg, Founder of Imagination in Space
    3. Planning Your Pop-Up Business
      1. Seasonality
      2. Insurance, Permits, and Licenses
      3. Promotion
      4. Outfitting the Space
      5. Expenses
      6. Inventory/P.O.S. Systems
    4. Staffing
    5. Pop-Up Restaurants
      1. Seasonality
      2. Types of Spaces
      3. Licenses, Permits, and Insurance
      4. Furniture and Fixtures (Dependent on Type of Restaurant)
    6. Food Trucks
      1. Rules and Regulations
      2. Promotion
      3. Riding Solo vs. Blending In
      4. Accounting for the Weather
    7. Interview with Jeff Wang, Owner/Operator of Yum Dum Food Truck in Chicago, Illinois
    8. Fashion Trucks
    9. Interview with Laura Layton, Owner of Tin Lizzy Mobile Boutique
    10. Pop-Up Spaces
      1. Summary
      2. Benefits/Costs
      3. Expectations as a Landlord
      4. Becoming a Pop-Up Landlord
      5. Stores-Within-Stores and Restaurants-Within-Restaurants
      6. Empty Storefronts
    11. Interview with Aaron Gadiel, Shopping Center Executive
    12. Farmers Markets
      1. Public Spaces
      2. Matchmaking
    13. Flea Markets
    14. Yard Sales
    15. The Ideal Pop-Up Customer
    16. Case Study: The Launch of a Pop-Up Store
    17. Pop-Up Checklist
  7. What’s Ahead
    1. Reload, Fire, Aim
    2. Interview with Shuchi Naidoo, Founder of Twenty-Nine Calories Pop-Up Restaurant
    3. Look Out! Here Come the Big Brands and the Big Malls
    4. Interview with Melinda Holland, SVP of Business Development, General Growth Properties
    5. Interview with Patty Hirt, Retail Development at General Growth Properties
    6. Pop-Ups
    7. Why Pop-Ups Make Sense for Baby Boomers
  8. About the Author
  9. Index
  10. EULA

Product information

  • Title: PopUp Republic
  • Author(s): Jeremy Baras
  • Release date: October 2015
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119145912