Chapter 8. BABIES

  • Get Comfortable with the Baby

  • Keep It Simple

  • Use Soft Light

  • Seize the Moment

There is one subject in the world you can never have too many pictures of — a baby! Film and developing costs can be quite expensive, especially when taking a great number of images. Luckily, shooting images with a digital camera is cost effective — you can take as many as you'd like.

Other than just being really cute subjects, there are a lot of "firsts" in a baby's life so it's important to take pictures often, capturing each phase of a baby's development before he or she grows up. Perhaps more memorable in the long run are the things a baby does all the time while growing up: eating their oatmeal, playing with a puppy, standing up in their crib, crying, laughing, or any daily activity that depicts the reality of life.

Whether you're a parent, an aspiring baby photographer, or have a lot of friends and family with babies, follow these rules for photographing the little darlings and you're on your way to capturing magical moments and creating fantastic images that are treasured forever.


The term "comfort" is subjective for many adults, but for babies there is a special formula to ensure their comfort. If you intend to shoot for more than 30 seconds and capture happy, spontaneous expressions, it's best to abide by these guidelines.


The approximate age of a baby is ...

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