How to do it…

The repmgr utility provides a set of single command-line actions that perform all the required activities on one node:

  1. To start a new cluster with repmgr with the current node as its primary, use the following command:
repmgr primary register
  1. To add an existing standby to the cluster with repmgr, use the following command:
repmgr standby register
  1. Use the following command to request repmgr to create a new standby for you by copying node1. This will fail if you specify an existing data directory:
repmgr standby clone node1 -D /path/of_new_data_directory
  1. To reuse an old master as a standby, use the rejoin command:
repmgr node rejoin -d ‘host=node2 user=repmgr’
  1. To switch from one primary to another one, run this command ...

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