© Henrietta Dombrovskaya, Boris Novikov, Anna Bailliekova 2021
H. Dombrovskaya et al.PostgreSQL Query Optimizationhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6885-8_1

1. Why Optimize?

Henrietta Dombrovskaya1  , Boris Novikov2 and Anna Bailliekova3
Braviant Holdings, Chicago, IL, USA
HSE University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Zendesk, Madison, WI, USA

This chapter covers why optimization is such an important part of database development. You will learn the differences between declarative languages, like SQL, and imperative languages, like Java, which may be more familiar, and how these differences affect programming style. We also demonstrate that optimization applies not only to database queries but also to database design and application architecture. ...

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