List of Abbreviations

AACAlternate arm converter
ACAlternating current
AFActive filter
AMCICAsymmetrical multilevel cascaded inverter configuration
APODAlternative phase opposition disposition
ARCPAuxiliary resonant commutated pole
ASDAdjustable speed drive
BJTBipolar junction transistor
CHBMICascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter
CMVCommon-mode voltage
CONV-NPC-4LConventional neutral point clamped-4 level
CPWMContinuous pulse width modulation
CSICurrent source inverter
DCDirect current
DFOCDirect field oriented control
DPWMMAXDiscontinuous pulse width modulation maximum
DPWMMINDiscontinuous pulse width modulation minimum
EMIElectromagnetic interference
ETOEmitter turn-off thyristor
FACTsFlexible AC transmission systems
FCMIFlying capacitors multilevel inverter
FOC ...

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