Chapter 8How to Deal with Specific Objections

I know what you're thinking—“finally we get to specific rebuttals to objections!” Yes we do, but remember: many of these objections and stalls could have, and should have, been dealt with, uncovered, and even overcome during the prospecting call. If you do get them now at the end of your presentation, then I encourage you to use any of the specific, word‐for‐word closes below. As always, invest some time to customize them to fit your personality, product or service. And then make a commitment to practice, drill, and rehearse them so they become your automatic, go‐to response. That way, if they do come up, you won't be rattled—rather, you'll be able to overcome them like top producers do.

How to Handle “I Haven't Looked at the Information Yet”

Of all the objections sales reps get when they call a prospect back to close them, this is perhaps one of the most frustrating. And one of the big reasons is because it is usually caused by the sales rep! Here is what happens: sales reps send an email or brochure or link about their information out to a prospect, and when they call back, they invariably open the conversation with:

Or worse:

What do you think the prospect will say? Nine times out of 10, the prospect will give you the stall:

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