Appendix III

ISA Standard, Materials, Human Engineering, and Control Room

ISA standards and other material data, human engineering, and control room concepts have been outlined here for ready reference for the reader.

1.0. ISA Standards

Presented below is a list of important and relevant ISA standards and technical papers.


List of Important ISA Standards

Publication NumberTitle
Main Ref.Sub Ref.
1-55617-531-0Standards Library for Measurements and Controls (ISA)
12.00.01– 01.01, 02.01Electrical Apparatus for Use in Hazardous Locations
12.10Area Classification in Hazardous (Classified) Dust Location
12.16.01– 16.01, 22.01, 23.01, 25.01, 26.01Electrical Apparatus for Use in Hazardous Locations (ISA)
18.1Annunciator Sequence and Specifications ...

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