Chapter 1. Inserting and Handling Slides

In This Chapter

  • Looking at how slides are constructed

  • Creating new slides

  • Choosing a layout for a slide

  • Evaluating ways to view slides

  • Selecting slides

  • Moving and deleting slides

  • Hiding slides in case you need them

This chapter delves into the nitty‐gritty of PowerPoint. It explains how to create slides for a presentation. A presentation isn't complete without slides, is it?

In this chapter, you look into how slides are constructed and discover what layouts are. You find out how to choose a layout for a slide, borrow slides from another presentation, and create slide text from a Word document. This chapter explains how to change the size and orientation of slides, and to display slides in different ways in PowerPoint so that you can take some of the drudgery out of working with slides. You find out how to select, move, and delete slides, as well as how to hide slides from the audience but keep them on hand in case you need them.

The techniques explained in this chapter will serve you throughout your adventures in PowerPoint. Master the techniques I describe here and you will be well on your way to becoming one of those wise guys or wise gals who people call on the telephone when they have a PowerPoint question or problem.

Understanding How Slides Are Constructed

Before you insert a slide, PowerPoint asks you a very important question, “What kind of slide do you want?” You can choose among several different slide layouts, the preformatted slide designs ...

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