Note: Page numbers followed by b indicate boxes, f indicate figures and t indicate tables.



creating, 8586


duplicating, 8990

adding action steps, 9091

align layers, 99102, 102f

Canvas Size dialog, 93, 93f, 94, 94f

deleting action steps, 90, 91f

Fit Image, 92, 92f

layers arranging, 9495

layers selecting, 9596

New Layer dialog, 93, 93f

path item insertion, 97, 97f

path stroking, 96f, 9899, 98f, 99f

Pick a solid color dialog, 94, 94f

reordering action steps, 91

Save Selection dialog, 93, 93f

Smart Sharpen action, 89

explorations, 110b, 110f, 111f

learning, 109110

organizing, 8485

panel, 84

playing, 86f

options, editing, 88

action steps, disabling, 87

button mode, 8889

command key, 83

playback options, 87

refining ...

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