Appendix CFour-Order Dynamical Power System Model and Parameters of the Four-Machine Infinite-Bus System

C.1 Four-Order Linearized Dynamical Model

In order to design a robust power system controller, it is first necessary to find an appropriate linear mathematical description of the multimachine power system. In the viewpoint of “generator unit i,” the nonlinear state space representation model for such a system with two-axis model has the form

where the states

(C.2) equation

are defined as deviation from the equilibrium values

(C.3) equation

The nonlinear model of (C.1) can be presented as follows:

(C.4) equation


(C.5) equation
(C.6) equation


(C.7) equation

A detailed description of all symbols and quantities can be found in Ref. [1]. Using the linearization technique and after some manipulation, the nonlinear ...

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