6.3.1 Uncontrolled Case

Consider Fig 6.4 with


ΔPc1(S) = ΔPc2(S) = 0                    (6.10)

In the case when ∆Pc1 = ∆Pc2 = 0, the speed changer setting is fixed irrespective of whether the load changer is in area 1 and area 2.

Let a sudden change occur at both the areas 1 and 2. In incremental steps ∆PD1 and ∆PD2.

Due to load change the frequencies drops by ∆ƒ1 and ∆ƒ2. If load increment in the two areas is equal and if the frequency drop is also equal i.e., if ∆ƒ1 = ∆ƒ2 = ∆ƒ (ss).

From the block diagram in Fig. 6.4 the incremental increase of generation is written as


We have,

Since ∆ƒss(S) is a steady state ...

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