17–Generator Test System

Figure A–1 shows the major high voltage lines in the 17–generator test system. This test system represents a reduced version of a larger system which was used in a stability study run in 1978 by one of the electric utilities in the state of Iowa for a new generating unit.

The base load–flow system is a model of 862 buses and 1323 lines and transformers. Most of the transmission lines are 345 KV and 161 KV; some of the lines are 230 KV, 115 KV, or 69 KV. The base load–flow model was reduced by a network reduction program (steady state) to a model with 163 buses (of which 30 are terminal buses of the equivalent network) and with 304 lines and transformers (of which 69 are equivalent lines).

The Reduced Iowa System ...

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