Overvoltages Caused by Direct Lightning Strokes

Pritindra Chowdhuri

Tennessee Technological University

7.1    Direct Strokes to Unshielded Lines

7.2    Direct Strokes to Shielded Lines

Shielding Design

7.3    Significant Parameters

7.4    Outage Rates by Direct Strokes

Unshielded LinesShielded Lines

7.5    Effects of Induction for Direct Strokes

7.6    Ground Impedance and Corona under Lightning


A lightning stroke is defined as a direct stroke if it hits either the tower or the shield wire or the phase conductor. This is illustrated in Figure 7.1. When the insulator string at a tower flashes over by direct hit either to the tower or to the shield wire along the span, it is called a backflash; if the insulator string flashes over ...

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