Chapter three

How to say what you really want

What you’ll learn in this chapter: This will help you to be more confident in any work situation, especially:
  1. How being more assertive (not aggressive) helps you to say what you really want.
  2. How your body language can be saying more than your words.
  3. Different ways to say ‘no’, without offending people.
  4. Ways to cope better with ‘put-downs’ and conflict situations.
  1. Team meetings.
  2. Presentations.
  3. Appraisals.
  4. Managing others/being managed.
  5. Relationships with colleagues at all levels.
  6. Your workload.
  7. Bullying or conflict.
  8. Communication at all levels (including letter, e-mail, phone or video) up to board level.

Do you ever come away from a meeting annoyed with yourself because you didn’t get ...

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