Chapter five

Effortless ways to give the impression you want

What you’ll do in this chapter: This will help you to be more confident in any work situation, especially:
  1. Look and sound confident (even when you don’t feel it).
  2. Make a good first impression.
  3. Use eye contact and handshakes to best effect.
  4. Change an unsatifactory first impression for the better.
  1. Team meetings/the ‘morning huddle’/video conferencing.
  2. Presentations/giving a talk.
  3. Running a training session or event.
  4. Interviews.
  5. Meeting new people, e.g. clients, colleagues you haven’t met, new business partners.
  6. Communication at all levels (including letter, e-mail and phone) up to Board level.

Ancient meets modern

This chapter will explain more about how simple changes ...

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