Chapter seven

How to be more resilient

What you’ll do in this chapter: This will help you to be more confident in any work situation, especially:
  1. How to become more resilient to stress.
  2. How to relax mind and body and give/receive a relaxing shoulder massage.
  3. How to cope better with your own feelings, such as anger, panic or taking things personally or too seriously.
  4. How to get back into the swing of it after a break.
  5. How to improve your general well-being.
  1. Team meetings/‘morning huddle’.
  2. Giving a talk or presentation, making a report or running a training session at any level.
  3. Communication at all levels (including letter, e-mail and phone) up to Board level.
  4. Work-related social or team building events.
  5. Changing demands and stressors. ...

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