Chapter 3. Hard Skills

Accounting and Finance


{also use in Accountability, Common Sense, Cross-Cultural Competency, Flexibility, and Work Ethic}

(1) accommodate; alter; amend; attune; bend; change; correct; fine-tune; fix; modify; pacify; rectify; regulate; resolve; settle; tune up; tweak

Résumé bullet points:

Adjusted to Sage accounting software


{also use in Accountability, HARD SKILLS: Administrative, Organizational, Planning and Time Management, Reliability, and Self-Manageable}

(1) control; deal out; direct; dispense; furnish a benefit; give out; govern; hand out; manage; mete out; order; oversee a process; run; supervise

Résumé bullet points:

Administered accounts payable system


{also use in Attention to ...

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