Powerhouse: Turbo boost your effectiveness and start making a serious impact

Book description

Be a force to be reckoned with. Be a Powerhouse.

Are you owning everything in your life? Are you in control, with a plan, making everything you do count? Are you performing optimally and making an impact? If not, why not? It's time to step up and be bold, be effective, be a Powerhouse. Let Mike Clayton show you how to raise your personal effectiveness to dynamic levels and completely overhaul your life at work and at home. Lock down your purpose then develop the forceful focus of a true achiever. You'll learn how to make solid decisions, stand up for those decisions and garner unwavering support from others. You'll find expert advice for deciding what matters, and practical tips for turning intentions into determined actions so you can achieve what you want.

As a powerhouse you'll be able to meet any challenge head on and deal with anything. You'll be performing at your peak and firmly on your way to outstanding success.

  • Define your purpose and boost your focus and performance

  • Make the right choices about how you spend your time

  • Be someone everybody wants to work with to get stuff done

  • Have a clear, strategic approach to your productivity

  • A true powerhouse bursts with energy and purpose, elevating the performance and brightening the outlook of everyone around them. To get there, you need to drill down to the core of your problems, and craft a strategic solution. Powerhouse provides the roadmap, and you just need to begin the journey.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Introduction
      1. What Does it Mean to Be a ‘Powerhouse'?
      2. What You Need to Become a Powerhouse
      3. Additional Resources
    6. Chapter 1: Self-Control: Choose to Do the Right Things
      1. Focused Busyness
      2. Compelling Causes
      3. The Powerhouse Loop
      4. Self-Control: 8 Powerhouse Pointers
    7. Chapter 2: Judgement: Do the Right Things for the Right Reasons
      1. The Algebra of Decision-Making
      2. The Poetry of Persuasion
      3. The Geometry of Change
      4. Judgement: 9 Powerhouse Pointers
    8. Chapter 3: Productivity: Do the Right Things Right
      1. The Source of Power: Planning
      2. Power-Up: Preparing
      3. Power On: Performing
      4. Power-Down: Postparing
      5. Productivity: 9 Powerhouse Pointers
    9. Chapter 4: Relationships: Work With the People Around You
      1. Strategic Networking
      2. A Tactical Campaign
      3. Relationships: 7 Powerhouse Pointers
    10. Chapter 5: Leadership: Get the Best From the People Around You
      1. Deploying Your Troops
      2. Winning Support
      3. The Psychology of Success
      4. Securing Compliance and Completion
      5. Leadership: 8 Powerhouse Pointers
    11. Chapter 6: Conduct: Get the Best From Yourself
      1. Click, Bubble and Hum
      2. Click
      3. Bubble
      4. Hum
      5. Sigh
      6. Squeak
      7. The Powerhouse Under Pressure
      8. Don't Be a Damn Fool
      9. Conduct: 10 Powerhouse Pointers
    12. Chapter 7: Perception: Be Prepared for the Unexpected
      1. Reading People
      2. Seeing Around Corners
      3. Spotting Risks
      4. Perception: 6 Powerhouse Pointers
    13. Chapter 8: Resilience: Handle the Unexpected
      1. Intelligent Perseverance
      2. Shovelling the Shift
      3. Weebling
      4. Resilience: 11 Powerhouse Pointers
    14. Chapter 9: Growth: Know When and Where to Stop
      1. When to Stop
      2. How to Stop
      3. Growth: 6 Powerhouse Pointers
    15. Chapter 10: Culture: Create a Powerhouse Organization
      1. Powerhouse Culture
      2. Culture: 7 Powerhouse Pointers
      3. And if You Can Do All of This …
    16. About the Author
    17. Also by Mike Clayton
    18. Book Mike Clayton
    19. Who Else Needs Powerhouse?
    20. Index
    21. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Powerhouse: Turbo boost your effectiveness and start making a serious impact
    • Author(s): Mike Clayton
    • Release date: December 2014
    • Publisher(s): Capstone
    • ISBN: 9780857085566