Chapter 4. Creating Slides and Text Boxes

PowerPoint makes it easy to create consistent, attractive slides that use standard preset layouts. You just choose the layout that you want for a particular slide and then fill in its placeholders with text, graphics, or other content.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to build a simple text-based presentation by creating new slides and entering text on them. You'll learn how to import content from other programs, and how to create, size, and position text boxes to hold the text for your presentation.

Creating New Slides

Different templates start a presentation with different numbers and types of slides. A blank presentation has only a single slide, and you must create any others that you want.

There are several ways to create new slides. For example, you can type new text in the outline and then promote it to slide status, or you can add slides with the New Slide button that is on the Insert tab. You can also copy existing slides, either within the same presentation or from other sources. The following sections outline these procedures in more detail.

Creating New Slides from the Outline Pane

As discussed in Chapter 1, the Outline pane shows the text from the presentations slides in a hierarchical tree, with the slide titles at the top level (the slide level) and the various levels ...

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