Appendix B

Essential SkyDrive Skills

In This Appendix

Understanding Your SkyDrive Interface Options
Managing Files on Your SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a Microsoft-owned cloud-based storage space. Each user has their own storage area, where they can store private files, share files with certain specific others, or make files publicly available. A certain amount of storage space is free, and you can pay if you want more than what's provided. (The amount of storage space available depends on when you signed up for your account and what type of account you have.)

As you've seen in your work with PowerPoint throughout this book, your SkyDrive is your default save location for PowerPoint and other Office apps. Using SkyDrive as your main document storage area has these consequences:

  • You can access your files from any computer, whether or not it has PowerPoint installed on it.
  • You can share your work with other people without having to send them separate copies of it.
  • Your files are available only when Internet access is available. However, you can get around that by installing the SkyDrive for Windows app on your PC, which automatically mirrors the content of your SkyDrive on your PC and keeps the copy in sync with the SkyDrive's actual content.

There are several ways of accessing your SkyDrive. This appendix covers the four major ways:

  • Access your SkyDrive space on the Web via
  • Use the SkyDrive for Windows desktop app.
  • Use the SkyDrive links within PowerPoint when saving ...

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