Lab 2

Adding Sound and Movement to a Presentation

In This Lab

Applying custom animations
Assigning transitions to slides
Adding a musical soundtrack from a file

In an ideal world, you'd have great video equipment to create live-action movies for your audiences, but that's not always the case. Often you're stuck with a bunch of static images, and you need to make them as lively and animated as possible within the confines of PowerPoint.

In this lab, you animate a presentation for Spice Meadow Shelties, a small kennel that breeds purebred Shetland sheepdogs. The graphics and text are already in place. Your job is to apply animations and transitions to make the presentation more interesting and appealing.

Please visit to download the files you need for the project labs.

Lab 2A: Fading Text and Graphics In and Out

In this lab session, you add some text to a slide. You then animate it and the photos so that the first set fades in and out and then the other set fades in. Even though the text and pictures seem to overlap in Normal view, they appear at different times in Slide Show view so there is no conflict.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Time to complete: 15 to 30 minutes

1. Open the file Lab2A.pptx and save it as MyLab2A.pptx.
2. On the Animations tab, click Animation Pane to open the Animation pane.
3. On slide #2, set up the Champion Sires text ...

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