PowerPoint 2016 LiveLessons

Video description

In PowerPoint 2016 LiveLessons, PowerPoint expert Echo Swinford shows you how to add finesse and polish to your PowerPoint presentations so they look like the pros.



PowerPoint 2016 LiveLessons shows you how to work in PowerPoint with confidence and ease. You learn how to format text, charts, and tables, as well as the finer points of creating SmartArt graphics and even your own shapes. You learn about tools such as Smart Guides, color eyedroppers, and style galleries that will help you with everyday tasks. Master high-powered skills at your own pace and harness the power or PowerPoint 2016.


Skill Level

  • Beginner - Intermediate

What You Will Learn

  • One-click formatting
  • Create your own shapes
  • Perfectly align objects
  • Apply animations and slide transitions
  • Embed audio and video in your presentation
  • Practice and present with Presenter view
  • Save your presentation as video
  • Create and format charts, tables, and SmartArt graphics

Who Should Take This Course

  • Anyone looking for a practical introduction to PowerPoint 2016

Course Requirements

  • None

Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with the PowerPoint Environment

In these lessons, you learn about the different versions of PowerPoint available as part of Office Everywhere. Explore Backstage view, customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access toolbar, and use the new Tell Me feature. You'll be more productive in no time!

Lesson 2: Getting Started: The Basics

Take on the fundamentals of PowerPoint with these lessons. Learn how placeholders and layouts can save you time, change slides from widescreen to 4:3 and back, and customize a template to better suit your style.

Lesson 3: Creating Shapes

PowerPoint has fantastic drawing tools, and these lessons bring them to life. Watch demonstrations of manipulating shapes, as well as the finer points of alignment and distribution. You also learn about edit points and merging shapes.

Lesson 4: Formatting Shapes

It's crazy how many ways you can format shapes in PowerPoint. But it is important to learn the different options because almost everything behaves like a shape, with similar formatting tools. In this section, you play with shapes, fills, and outlines, along with effects like shadows and bevels. You also learn to apply this formatting with just a couple of clicks.

Lesson 5: Formatting Text

Have you ever wanted to outline text or fill letters with a gradient or a picture? PowerPoint makes this very easy to do. Learn about basic text formatting as well as some of the more advanced text formatting tools. You also learn to create graphical text.

Lesson 6: Working with Photos

Photos are a great way to enhance your presentation, and PowerPoint has some terrific photo editing tools. You learn about the new tool to insert online pictures, remove the background from a picture, recolor pictures, and other ways to format pictures.

Lesson 7: Working with SmartArt

SmartArt is a really slick little diagramming tool that was introduced in PowerPoint 2007. In this lesson, you are introduced to SmartArt and explore how it works.

Lesson 8: Working with Tables

Just like everything else in PowerPoint, tables have been designed to work well in a presentation. Learn about creating and formatting tables, including a few tricks about making your tables look better.

Lesson 9: Working with Charts

Charts have been updated in PowerPoint 2016. There are six new chart types to go along with great styles to choose from. You learn some quick tricks for formatting charts, and you also learn how to insert charts from Excel.

Lesson 10: Adding Animations and Transitions

Everybody hates sitting through boring presentations. Transitions and animations allow you an opportunity spice things up. In PowerPoint, however, less is usually more. To ensure your animation doesn't derail your content, make sure it is appropriate and enhances your presentation. Learn some things you can do with animations and transitions.

Lesson 11: Working with Multimedia

The multimedia editing tools are some of the most powerful features in PowerPoint. Learn to edit your audio and video, apply poster frames and fades, sync animation to a video, and create a screen recording of your own.

Lesson 12: Printing and Finalizing Your Presentation

Ever wondered if there is an easy way to strip out all your notes pages so you don't send out a bunch of confidential information by mistake? PowerPoint has a tool to do that, along with many other tools that will help as you finalize your presentation files. You can save your presentation as a PDF, and you can even save it as a video. It's very cool and very easy.

Lesson 13: Setting Up a Slide Show

Probably one of the best features in PowerPoint is the enhanced Presenter view. It’s actually available in previous versions of PowerPoint, but it was harder to use and difficult to find. You spend some time with the new Presenter view; and from there you learn some different ways to set up a slide show and navigate through it.



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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction 00:01:40
  2. Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with the PowerPoint Environment
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:40
    2. 1.1 Be Aware of Office Everywhere 00:04:18
    3. 1.2 Understand the PowerPoint interface 00:09:33
    4. 1.3 Get familiar with the Backstage view (File menu) 00:12:42
    5. 1.4 Work with views and other parts of the PowerPoint interface 00:08:26
    6. 1.5 Customize the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar 00:08:57
    7. 1.6 Use the new "Tell Me" feature 00:02:33
  3. Lesson 2: Getting Started: The Basics
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:26
    2. 2.1 Start a new presentation 00:10:23
    3. 2.2 Change the slide size 00:05:57
    4. 2.3 Apply a theme to an existing presentation 00:04:05
    5. 2.4 Understand the basics of creating a template 00:16:39
    6. 2.5 Save a default theme 00:02:59
  4. Lesson 3: Creating Shapes
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:23
    2. 3.1 Insert, select and manipulate shapes 00:31:56
    3. 3.2 Work with alignment and distribution 00:21:08
    4. 3.3 Use the merge shapes and edit points tools 00:06:19
  5. Lesson 4: Formatting Shapes
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:29
    2. 4.1 Apply shape fills and outlines 00:35:10
    3. 4.2 Add shape effects 00:11:39
    4. 4.3 Use Format Painter, color eyedroppers, and style eyedroppers 00:07:19
  6. Lesson 5: Formatting Text
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:22
    2. 5.1 Apply basic text formatting 00:18:58
    3. 5.2 Apply paragraph formatting 00:18:04
    4. 5.3 Format text as graphics (WordArt) 00:05:36
  7. Lesson 6: Working with Photos
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:25
    2. 6.1 Understand image types 00:05:30
    3. 6.2 Insert pictures 00:10:52
    4. 6.3 Remove picture backgrounds 00:03:36
    5. 6.4 Change the look of your photo 00:08:13
    6. 6.5 Crop and size pictures 00:08:30
    7. 6.6 Create a photo album 00:04:09
    8. 6.7 Compress pictures 00:04:36
  8. Lesson 7: Working with SmartArt
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:16
    2. 7.1 Create a SmartArt diagram 00:07:10
    3. 7.2 Format SmartArt graphics 00:11:37
  9. Lesson 8: Working with Tables
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:18
    2. 8.1 Create a table 00:09:39
    3. 8.2 Format tables 00:09:58
  10. Lesson 9: Working with Charts
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:25
    2. 9.1 Create a chart 00:09:40
    3. 9.2 Format charts 00:10:39
    4. 9.3 Insert charts from Excel 00:10:59
  11. Lesson 10: Adding Animations and Transitions
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:32
    2. 10.1 Apply transitions 00:09:42
    3. 10.2 Understand animation basics 00:17:42
    4. 10.3 Create more advanced animations 00:17:10
  12. Lesson 11: Working with Multimedia
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:32
    2. 11.1 Insert and play multimedia 00:14:22
    3. 11.2 Edit audio and video 00:10:17
    4. 11.3 Record screen 00:02:02
    5. 11.4 Sync animations to audio and video 00:03:02
    6. 11.5 Compress and optimize media 00:02:49
  13. Lesson 12: Printing and Finalizing Your Presentation
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:27
    2. 12.1 Insert sections 00:04:45
    3. 12.2 Add headers and footers 00:05:21
    4. 12.3 Collaborate with sharing features 00:10:11
    5. 12.4 Print handouts, slides and notes pages 00:05:43
    6. 12.5 Check for issues 00:07:02
    7. 12.6 Save as other formats 00:07:42
  14. Lesson 13: Setting Up a Slide Show
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:24
    2. 13.1 Create nonlinear presentations 00:07:08
    3. 13.2 Run a slide show 00:09:06
    4. 13.3 Use Presenter view 00:05:02
    5. 13.4 Present online 00:04:02
  15. Summary
    1. Summary 00:00:32

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  • Title: PowerPoint 2016 LiveLessons
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 013430313X