Chapter 2

Editing Slides


check Moving around in a presentation

check Working with objects and editing text

check Undoing a mistake and deleting slides

check Finding and replacing text

check Rearranging slides

If you’re like Mary Poppins (“Practically Perfect in Every Way”), you can skip this chapter. Perfect people never make mistakes, so everything that they type in PowerPoint comes out right the first time. They never have to press Backspace to erase something they typed incorrectly, or go back and insert a line to make a point they left out, or rearrange their slides because they didn’t add them in the right order to begin with.

If you’re more like Jane (“Rather Inclined to Giggle; Doesn’t Put Things Away”) or Michael (“Extremely Stubborn and Suspicious”), you probably make mistakes along the way. This chapter shows you how to go back and correct those mistakes.

Reviewing your work and correcting it if necessary is called editing. It’s not a fun job, but it has to be done. A spoonful of sugar ...

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