Chapter 10

Masters of the Universe Meet the Templates of Doom


check Discovering stuff about Masters you have to know

check Using and changing Masters

check Working with headers and footers

check Finding lost placeholders

check Creating templates

Want to add a bit of text to every slide in your presentation? Or maybe add your name and phone number at the bottom of your audience handouts? Or place a picture of Rush Limbaugh at the extreme right side of each page of your speaker notes?

Masters are the surefire way to add something to every slide. No need to toil separately at each slide. If you want your company logo or your name to show up on every slide, just add it to the master the Master, and it shows up automatically on every slide. If you change your mind, remove it from the Master, and — poof! — it disappears from every slide. Very convenient.

Masters govern all aspects of a slide’s appearance: background color, objects that appear on every slide, text that appears on all slides, and more. ...

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