PowerShell Deep Dives

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Here's your chance to learn from the best in the business. PowerShell Deep Dives is a trove of essential techniques, practical guidance, and the expert insights you earn only through years of experience. Editors Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, Oisin Grehan, and Aleksandar Nikoli hand-picked the 28 chapters in the book's four parts: Administration, Scripting, Development, and Platforms.

About the Technology

PowerShell has permanently changed Windows administration. This powerful scripting and automation tool allows you to control virtually every aspect of Windows and most Microsoft servers like IIS and SQL Server. Here’s your chance to learn from the best in the business.

About this Book

PowerShell Deep Dives is a trove of essential techniques and practical guidance. It is rich with insights from experts who won them through years of experience. The book’s 28 chapters, grouped in four parts (Administration, Scripting, Development, and Platforms), were hand-picked by four section editors: Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, Oisín Grehan, and Aleksandar Nikoli.

Whether you’re just getting started with PowerShell or you already use it daily, you’ll find yourself returning to this book over and over.

What’s Inside

  • Managing systems through a keyhole

  • The Ten Commandments of PowerShell scripting

  • Scalable scripting for large datasets

  • Adding automatic remoting

  • Provisioning web servers and websites automatically to IIS 8

  • And 23 more fantastic chapters

About the Authors

Editors Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, Oisín Grehan, and Aleksandar Nikoli are joined by PowerShell experts Chris Bellée, Bartek Bielawski, Robert C. Cain, Jim Christopher, Adam Driscoll, Josh Gavant, Jason Helmick, Don Jones, Ashley McGlone, Jonathan Medd, Ben Miller, James O’Neill, Arnaud Petitjean, Vadims Podans, Karl Prosser, Boe Prox, Matthew Reynolds, Mike Robbins, Donabel Santos, Will Steele, Trevor Sullivan, and Jeff Wouters.

About Save the Children

Save the Children works around the world and in the U.S. to make sure all girls and boys have a brighter future. The charity serves impoverished, marginalized and vulnerable children and families in 120 countries.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Brief Table of Contents
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Authors and their Chapters
  5. Preface
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About this Book
  8. About Save the Children
  9. Part 1. PowerShell administration
    1. Chapter 1. Diagnosing and troubleshooting PowerShell remoting
    2. Chapter 2. CIM sessions
    3. Chapter 3. Collecting and analyzing performance counter data
    4. Chapter 4. TCP port communications with PowerShell
    5. Chapter 5. Managing systems through a keyhole
    6. Chapter 6. Using PowerShell to audit user logon events
    7. Chapter 7. Managing and administering a certification authority database with PowerShell
    8. Chapter 8. Using PowerShell to reduce Active Directory token bloat
  10. Part 2. PowerShell scripting
    1. Chapter 9. The 10 PowerShell scripting commandments
    2. Chapter 10. Avoiding the pipeline
    3. Chapter 11. A template for handling and reporting errors
    4. Chapter 12. Tips and tricks for creating complex or advanced HTML reports with PowerShell
    5. Chapter 13. Using and “abusing” dynamic parameters
    6. Chapter 14. PowerShell type formatting
    7. Chapter 15. Scalable scripting for large data sets: pipeline and database techniques
    8. Chapter 16. Building your own WMI-based cmdlets
    9. Chapter 17. Turning command-line tools into PowerShell tools
  11. Part 3. PowerShell for developers
    1. Chapter 18. Using Source Control Software with PowerShell
    2. Chapter 19. Inline .NET code
    3. Chapter 20. PowerShell and XML: better together
    4. Chapter 21. Adding automatic remoting to advanced functions and cmdlets
    5. Chapter 22. Taming software builds (and other complicated processes) with psake
  12. Part 4. PowerShell platforms
    1. Chapter 23. PowerShell and the SQL Server provider
    2. Chapter 24. Creating flexible subscriptions in SSRS
    3. Chapter 25. Inventory database table statistics using PowerShell and SQL Server Management Objects
    4. Chapter 26. WSUS and PowerShell
    5. Chapter 27. Provisioning IIS web servers and sites with PowerShell
    6. Chapter 28. Active Directory Group Management application
  13. Index
  14. List of Figures
  15. List of Tables
  16. List of Listings

Product Information

  • Title: PowerShell Deep Dives
  • Author(s): Edited by Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, Oisín Grehan, and Aleksandar Nikoli
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781617291319